Project Highlights

Sugar Substation, Security, Lighting & Cameras - FPL

Perimeter LED's & Security Camera Perform Illumination Study for Sugar site including new 500kV Yard Expansion and replacement of all existing HPSV lighting with LED. Update all relevant substation prints to incorporate the cameras and security related equipment including but not limited to card readers and gate motor operators as stipulated by Corporate Security as well as all required conduits, grounding, circuits, and any other required details.

Levee Substation - FPL

Replace six (6) 500/230 KV Single Phase Autotransformer. This design included the capabilities of performing the transfer of an installed transformer to a standby transformer.

Raven Substation - FPL

New 230/115kV Substation - Construct one (1) 230kV bay rated for 2000 amps with one (1) line pull-off structure and connections from the West 230kV and 115kV buses to the autotransformer and three(3) 115kV bays rated for 2000 amps with five (5) line pull-off structures as shown in figure A. Install station lightning system, cameras and card reader.

Quarry Substation, Construction - FPL

Construct a new 500/230kV (Quarry) substation with two 500kV (4000A) bays, four 230kV bays, and four single-phase 500/230kV, 500 MVA autotransformers, where one will be used in the spare position. The Quarry substation layout is to accommodate a future ultimate plan for two additional 500kV lines, second autotransformer and additional 230kV lines. Also, allow space for future tertiary shunt reactors and 230kV capacitor banks. Performed Perimeter LED's & Security Camera Illumination Study for entire yard. The results were used to design the lighting and camera system for Quarry site.

St. Johns 230 kV Inject/Cap Bank

Expanded the substation and constructed a new 230kV switchyard with two breaker and half bays and Capacitor Bank. The expansion included the space for future 115kV bay. Perform grounding study. The 230kV ground grid and structures should be built for 63kA. Add lightning shielding as required. Performed Lighting (illumination) Study for yard, which resulted in installing perimeter & yard lighting, and reliability cameras.

Emerson East Auto Install

Install 230-138kV, 560MVA AutoTX to East Bus. Replace existing East and West Buses to meet 63KA fault current with 5” Bus and Extra high strength insulators. This included replacing structures and foundations. Installed new 230kV Demag switch and 138kV bus switch for East Bus. Removed 230kV String bus in 1A and replaced with 3000A double breaker bay equipment, including (2) 3000A breakers and (3) disconnect switches. Bay designed with 230kV Pull-off Tower with space for future line addition. Installed new secondary battery system inside existing house. Grounding study and Lightning Shielding study performed for the entire yard.

Various Substations - FPL, FL

Replace distribution feeder breakers and bus tie breakers; add new feeder positions including breakers, switches, regulators, fbcts, etc. both in “old pipe rack” stations as well as in “newer moduflex” stations. During transformer additions or increase capacity projects, revise breaker load balancing for bay assignments to a given transformer and revise autorestoration & fault bus schemes as required. Evaluate foundations and oil pit containment as required. During increase ampacity projects, modify bus and switches to accommodate new ratings.

Martin 500kV Switchyard - FPL, FL

Engineered the replacement of a breaker, one wavetrap and two sets of CCVT's.

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