Project Highlights

Sun Edison I Project - Sun Edison

Developing and design of PV Inverter Modules for Power One Inverter SUN EDISON I project.

Nodal Substation - NextEra, Spain

Provided professional services in the assessment and field verification of conformance of the proposed commissioning and testing program of the substation P&C systems.

Deer Island Power Plant and Distribution System - MWRA, MA

Performed electrical engineering tasks associated with the detail design of the 70MW On Site Thermal Power Plant (OSTPP) EPC, the Main Substation and the 15kV power distribution system for Deer Island. Duties included preparation of a complete Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contract (EPC) for the island.

Water Turbine Generation Interconnection - Fla Hydro

Developed conceptual design for the interconnection facilities required to interconnect Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Transmission System in the San Francisco, CA Bay area to 10 MW and up to 200 MW blocks of tidal driven generation. This design used latest smart grid technologies in the operation, control and data acquisition systems required for this installation.

Coast-Myakka 138kV line ampacity upgrade - NEER/FPL

Generator Protective Relay Replacement for multiple FPL sites with microprocessor relays: Generator protective relay settings - (Martin, Manatee, Ft Myers, & Sanford combined cycle units - FPL: Large generating facilities / Power Plants- Motors protective relay settings using microprocessor relays.

Various (8) Locations Combine Cycle and Wind Power Plants - CPV

Negotiated interconnection agreements with electrical utilities, developed alternative interfaces, scopes of work, and technical considerations associated interconnection Competitive Power Ventures generation to electrical power system.

Solar Site GSU - FPL

Develop an FPL System Relay Standards for the interconnection wiring associated with equipment installed in the GSU Relay Vault for Utility Scale PV sites.

DeSoto County Generating Company - NAES

Provided technical support to the generator owner in documenting the methodology for determining facility rating (per NERC FAC-008 & 009 and CAN- 008) of its Generating Facility from point of interconnection to the GSU.

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