Project Highlights

Transmission System Study - Anza

Develop a conceptual design for several interconnection options and performed a lifecycle cost analysis which includes all initial and future capital expenditures, plus all appropriate operating costs required to develop and maintain an operational facility.

Distribution Relay Vault Design - FPL

Prepared a Specification for a Prefabricated Distribution Relay Vault and reviewed associated drawings prepared by FPL. This was a permanent prefab relay vault that will be a similar size to the building previously developed by FPL for its Roberts/Magnolia Transmission Substations, but for the distribution station. Additionally, ECF put together a spreadsheet for use when ordering the building to support the specification by defining who would be providing what items, including how they will be delivered.

St. Lucie Power Plant, Florida - FPL, FL

Managed structural/conditional assessment and design, where necessary, to bring the switchyard steel structures and foundations at the coastal nuclear power plant to code. Current code requirements include, among other criteria, a top wind speed of 150 mph and consideration of corrosion rates.

Interconnection Study - HES

Developed several modifications to HES Power System to accommodate a new 138 kV interconnection between Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL) and HES Networks. Final recommendation was a new intertie by looping the FPL Davis to Florida City #2 138 kV Line and HES Lucy 138 kV Line at the new HES Redland Distribution Substation site.

Falls Park & Churchtown: Settings/Modeling for configuration settings & fault study - NYSEG

ASPEN modelling of the system in order to provide coordination studies, configuration settings, and settings basis for GE & SEL protection relays. Developed HMI interfaces & data maps between HMI equipment, RTAC, IED relays, meters, etc. Developed communications and modem & Ethernet setups as well. Performed field FAT tests and designed the FAT procedures.

Various Substations - Scheme 8 DBOS - FPL, FL

Engineer upgrade to Scheme 8 DBOS differential protection in a cabinet where no space was available in the control room. Where space is available in the control room, then panel replacements.

Bahamas Power & Light - BPL

Relay Coordination Study and modelling, including generator facilities and 132kV and 33kV transmission lines. Reaffirm generator protection & dynamic load modeling.

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