Director of Transmission Lines Engineering

The incumbent must be competent to operate various power system design software tools required for performing the design and engineering tasks to construct or modify medium voltage and above substation facilities.  The incumbent must also possess an understanding of both basic and complex issues associated with substation structures, components, cable and conduit system, grounding system and shielding system methodologies, terminologies, and techniques required in the developing construction documentation for this equipment for electrical substations. Placing bids on potential project(s).

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Essential Functions of Position:

1. Shall have a thorough knowledge of the practices and procedures pertaining to technical matters in one or more of the following areas:

  • Instrumentation and Control

  • Protective Relaying

  • Substation Design

  • Civil Engineering

  • CADD

2. Ability to develop proposals including a scope of work that details the established goals and objectives and clearly defines the deliverables and schedule of work to be performed.


3. Perform power system engineering studies and demonstrate a good working knowledge of power system planning, design and operation.


4. Participates in marketing to clients and of projects and identifying new and maintaining existing client relationships.


5. Ability to perform power system engineering calculations to assure safety and performance of equipment and systems. Such studies shall include but not be limited to substation grounding and shielding studies using standard software tools. 


6. A thorough knowledge of the latest NESC standards as it pertains to electrical facilities design.


7. Prepare and review written reports which explain the purpose, methodology, data requirements, recommendations and observations of power system engineering studies.


8. Ability to analyze results and develop conclusions on problems being studied.


9. Maintains a program of personal study to expand and improve technical and analytical skills.


10. Keep supervision informed of status of all projects relative to pre-established expectations.


11. Ability to work independently and with others while maintaining a high level of initiative and self-motivation.


12. Acquisition of on-site measurements and other data to accomplish the design or to monitor and evaluate plant performance.


13. Coordinating equipment delivery and design engineering to meet construction schedules.


14. Monitor the construction of various electrical systems as assigned to ensure compliance with plans and specifications.


15. Act as Resident Engineer on projects of any magnitude.


16. Interpret complex plans and specifications and apply available information to ensure that all project design requirements are satisfied.


17. Maintain familiarity with appropriate engineering and construction codes and ensure compliance with all codes.


18. Prepare and/or monitor complex construction schedules to ensure timely completion of the work.


19. Conduct on-site design or investigation work to ensure adequacy of contractor’s methods.


20. Be familiar with the Company’s drawing system and design and construction standards as well as applicable industry codes and practices.

Other Functions of Position:

1. Serve on industry committees and associations as appropriate where potential client’s network.

2. Must have excellent written and oral communication skills to effectively communicate within the organization and outside with clients.


3. Must have good PC skills and experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Outlook.

4. Perform all other duties as assigned.

5. Perform complex economic analyses of engineering alternatives.


6. Serve as project engineer or project manager on assigned projects.

7. Shall keep informed of current developments in the area of responsibility.

8. May assist in the professional development, training, and evaluation of department personnel.

Position Requirements:

1. Shall possess a four-year Bachelor of Science or Technology degree in Electrical Engineering or an equivalent amount of experience in the electrical engineering field.


2. Ten or more years of proven work experience in power system operations or planning with emphasis on analysis and studies work.

3. Professional Engineers License is desired.