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ECF performs projects from initial studies, to detailed design and construction management, through final commissioning. We offer our clients experienced professionals with the capability to scope, estimate, develop and execute the technical aspects of a project.

ECF's experienced engineers are knowledgeable in planning, designing, and installing systems that meet our client's financial, technical, and scheduling goals. Our professionals have designed and operated building services systems as employees, and use that experience to develop cost effective solutions that can be implemented in the most practical manner for each project.

ECF's goal is to deliver and execute quality solutions that are tailored to meet industry guidelines, regulatory requirements, technological advances, and most importantly our client's project and system needs, objectives and goals.


ECF has the combination of resources and experience that is ideally suited to successfully meet all of your project needs. With our hands-on experience as owners, operators and consultants, ECF can successfully execute your project and enhance your project team's capabilities. We pride ourselves on our ability to complete quality projects expeditiously, safely and efficiently, on time and within budget. 

Contract and Construction Management
Electrical Systems

ECF provides a complete range of contract and construction management services designed to assist clients in achieving business objectives. Each construction project is assigned a manager responsible for schedules, budgets, and work products. 

• Specification and bid package preparation
• Value engineering
• Contractor pre-qualification
• Evaluation and solicitation of bids
• Scheduling, cost estimates and cash flow planning
• Inspection of all phases of work 
• Monitoring of safety programs
• Documentation control and management

Fire Protection Systems

ECF provides specification and design of electrical systems and equipment for lighting, power generation, distribution, control, and communications. In addition, ECF's extensive utility electrical engineering experience allows us to provide the full range of electric utility interconnection services for any building or facility project.

• Power Systems Design
• Lighting Systems Design
• Communication Systems Design
• Alarm Systems Design
• Lightning Protection Systems Design
• Grounding Systems Design
• Instrumentation and Control Systems Design


ECF provides a fire protection system design that deals with the analysis of fire hazards and the mitigation of fire damage by proper design, construction, arrangement, and use of buildings.

• Fire Sprinklers
• Standpipes
• Fire Detections and Alarm
• Special Hazard Systems
• Smoke Management
• Instrumentation and Control Systems Design 

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning

ECF's HVAC design team works with our client's team from design through construction to develop the right solution so each project is provided an optimized HVAC system. Our mechanical engineers are continually researching new technologies, and reviewing code and regulation updates to identify new efficiencies and safeguards for cost effective designs.

• Defining the basic load dynamics
• Evaluating solution alternatives via life-cycle analysis
• Optimizing system performance
• Selecting final HVAC equipment
• Establishing energy budget for owners
• Verification of proposed equipment performance
• Commissioning Design Intent

Plumbing Systems

ECF provides plumbing system design as well as storm water, sewer, natural gas, domestic water, irrigation water and other special water and waste systems.

• Domestic/Potable Water System
• Domestic Hot Water
• Plumbing Fixtures
• Sanitary Sewer Systems
• Storm Water Systems
• Gas systems
• Compressed Air Systems

Project Management & Engineering Services

Whether you are seeking a vision for market entry, have a complex technology, or are developing a small or large project, ECF's Consulting Division offers the following services:

• Planning, Feasibility and Conceptual Engineering
• Owners Engineering
• Project Scoping and Development
• Engineering and Design (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection)
• Program, Project and Construction Management
• Material Procurement and Contract Specifications Development
• Value Engineering

Project Consulting & Management 

The most important factors to consider in project management are scope, schedule, project understanding, and controls. Utilizing our staff's years of experience and the most up-to-date software ECF can manage any size project to a successful completion on time and within budget. These services include:

• Scheduling
• Schedule Risk Assessment (SRA)
• Earned Value Management (EVM)
• Financial Planning & Cost Controls
• Risk Management
• Communication Plan
• Quality Assurance/Quality Control
• Procurement & Material Expediting
• Performance Tracking
• Contract Management
• Staffing Plan

To view our Building Services Statement of Qualifications, click here.

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