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Fulfilling all of a client's distribution system engineering needs is an ECF specialty. ECF engineers are well versed in the assessment, planning, design, and construction of distribution systems up to and including 69 kV voltage.

With experience from design and working within many types of systems, ECF has helped strengthen and improve operation as well as help assess and upgrade equipment.

While employed as utility and consulting engineers, ECF engineers worked with many type of distribution systems from network to redial facilities. Each project is approached with a valuable breadth of experience, and with a creative eye toward safe and efficient future operation.


ECF engineers are prepared to respond quickly and professionally to a client's distribution system needs for:

• Distribution System Studies
• Conceptual Design and Cost Analysis
• Structural Design and Analysis
• Permitting and Environmental Studies
• Land Surveying, Mapping and GIS Location Services
• Route Selection
• Motor Start Analysis
• Work Plan Studies for Budget Approval
• Overhead & Underground Lines
• Conductor and Cable Design
• Generator Placement Analysis
• Power Factor Analysis
• Capacitor Bank Analysis
• Voltage Studies
• Fault Studies, Overcurrent Protection DC Battery Systems & alarm systems within substation control rooms

• Storm Support and Restoration

Smart Grid

At ECF, we believe that a smart or intelligent grid is an electrical network that can cost-effectively integrate the behavior of all components connected to it and this includes generators transmission, substations, distribution, smart meters and end users. To that end, we have listed some relevant projects at various aspects of the power system that will demonstrate our experience undertaking projects of this nature. Knowledge centered only on the function or operation of various meters usually does not provide our clients with optimum solutions.

• Substation Automation
• Generation Automation
• Communications Networks
• Protection & Controls


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