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From the initial feasibility studies for distributed generation through siting and licensing to construction and commissioning of the most modern generation facilities, ECF Power Delivery provides a complete range of design and project management services.

ECF staff is proven problem solvers in generation related projects, and has a hard-earned reputation for technical skill and practical knowledge on difficult interconnection issues, power generation projects, and analyzing transmission line bottlenecks.

Utilizing a unique combination of skill and creativity, ECF engineers, scientists, and project managers have completed upgrades and design projects that have delivered cost effective, reliable solutions. 


Successful projects include:

• Generator and turbine upgrades
• Major facility rehabilitations
• Remote control and SCADA systems
• Automation design and upgrades
• FERC licensing and compliance


ECF is experienced in assessing older systems and developing recommendations for restoring equipment and extending it's operating life. ECF engineers have extensive experience working with operation and maintenance personnel. ECF works closely with plant staff to utilize their system knowledge and coordinate with the owner's operating requirements

ECF staff has been active in the interconnections of energy sources to the power system. Our staff has been serving the interconnection needs of most of the client for projects. ECF's utility background and experience makes them uniquely qualified to deal with all aspects of the plant interconnection process. This ensures a smooth process from preliminary engineering through asset turnover to the client.

ECF's approach from bid to commissioning is to work through interconnection requirements in a manner that satisfies both the plant and host utility. In each of ECF's projects, the host utility requirements have been met in all respects, and the interconnecting facilities were available for feedback on schedule.

Interconnection experience includes complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction contracts including the host utility and ISO interface, outage scheduling, development of document submittals to the NPCC Reliability Committee, assessment of Bulk Power Requirements, and asset turnover documents. These same skills have also proven beneficial in evaluating issues within the plant protection systems. Typically the scope of work has been expanded to include issues specific to the plant and generator protection systems and how they relate to the utility and ISO requirements.

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