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ECF's 2022 Annual Holiday Party!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

ECF's Holiday Party was held on December 10, 2022 at Social House in Lake Worth, FL. We had a great time being able to acknowledge employees for their hard work and dedication to the company and celebrate together!

We love being able to fellowship amongst coworkers, friends, family, business partners, and etc. It's business all year, why not celebrate our accomplishments and the upcoming holidays?

Awards range from Excellence in Humor & Entertainment, to MVP, Rookie of the Year, Outstanding Dedication and etc. Everyone gets awarded!

We get the chance to meet up with some of the employees who are remote, or work in a different office. There were a lot of new and returning faces this year.

We'd also like to take a moment to thank our vendors & helping hands; the party wouldn't have been a party without them! Thank you. ❤️

Instagram handles can be found below.

📸: @eg.pixs

🎧: @djtjt561

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