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Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Design

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

ECF Engineering Consultants provided engineering services to create a complete engineered package that included civil, structural, and electrical designs for the construction of electric vehicle (EV) charger facilities in Florida. EV charging stations are used to charge electric vehicles. Many communities are ramping up the installations of EV charging stations as the use of electronic vehicles increase.

Each EV charging station site can be different and offer a unique set of challenges. ECF has encountered a host of design issues that required creative solutions from our engineering team. The overall system and site design for electric vehicle charging stations should address the kind of equipment used to service vehicles and how the parking facility design offers eases of access and ADA disability compliancy.

Whether the charging station is a level 1 EV chargers or high voltage DC fast chargers, ECF Engineering Consultants utilizes the best practices in designing a variety of parking facility types.

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