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ECF's Journey at the EEI Diversity Conference

The 40th Annual EEI Business Diversity Conference was held between May 21-24, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia. This year’s conference, hosted by Southern Company, highlighted critical policy initiatives and innovation within the electric power industry, showcased diverse businesses, and offered networking opportunities.

ECF Engineering Consultants had the honor of sponsoring the EEI Diversity Conference Re-Charge room. Being awarded as a Top Workplace for 2024, and being advocates of mental health and wellness, we recognized the importance of a space like this.

At most conferences, you are constantly on your feet and using your social battery. Some travel from afar to attend, and our team, with the help of Exec Level Massage + Beauty, worked to make sure our fellow professionals had a sanctuary that offered space to step away from everything and recharge!

Can we add a re-charge room in the office? ......

This re-charge room had lounge chairs, eye masks, masseuses, and chargers. What more could you want?

While some got to enjoy the re-charge room, others were visiting ECF at our booth. Our table at the EEI Diversity Conference gained visibility and engagement from attendees. Overall, it served as a platform to amplify our message, raise awareness about our diversity efforts, and reinforce our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

A special thank you to Lawrence Howell, Maxie Kirk Williams, May Akhtarkhavari, and Attiyya Houston for representing ECF during the conference. You all did an amazing job!

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