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ECF Shines Bright at the Rockdale Science Festival!

We were thrilled to be a part of the inaugural Rockdale Science Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, an event that brought together over 200 attendees to celebrate the wonders of science. Our team at ECF had the opportunity to engage with young minds and share our passion for renewable energy and circuits.

The mastermind behind this fantastic event was Janie Jones, the brains behind the Inspiring Engineers organization. Having met us at the Atlanta Science Festival earlier this year, she knew that ECF would be the perfect fit for her festival. And so, we set up our booth, ready to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Throughout the day, we interacted with eager young scientists, guiding them as they embarked on hands-on activities. From learning about solar energy to exploring the world of circuits, the children were immersed in a world of discovery. The highlight was when they successfully built a circuit that powered a light bulb using solar panels and batteries. The look of pride on their faces was truly priceless.

Not only were the kids thrilled with their accomplishments, but the parents were equally proud of their budding scientists. It was a day filled with learning, excitement, and endless possibilities. We left the Rockdale Science Festival with hearts full of gratitude for the opportunity to spark curiosity and inspire the scientists of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more adventures with ECF as we continue to light up young minds and foster a love for engineering and sustainability in our communities! 🌟🔋🌱

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