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Miami Schools' STEM Fairs

ECF had a great time serving the community of Miami through STEM fairs! ECF attended CARE Elementary School & Miami Central Senior High's STEM Fairs in efforts to encourage young people to embrace STEM, teach highschoolers how to get into engineering, and talk about some of the day to day of working professionals.

These STEM fairs allowed us to educate students on renewable energy sources and how we are currently implementing them into our company, as well as how they benefit the greater community and the people that inhabit it.

Miami Central Senior High School STEM Fair:

At Miami Central Senior High, we had the chance to educate Sophomore and Junior students on what a day in the life of a professional is like, what our job entails, and the focus required to do our job efficiently.

We asked the students about their future plans, and let them know the credentials and experience required to work in the field of engineering as well as the mental fortitude to work on projects for an extended period of time, while on an approaching deadline. It was an honor to serve as mentor figures and reiterate that anything is possible.

CARE Elementary School STEM Fair:

During our brief time at CARE Elementary School, we had the opportunity to impart the knowledge of alternative energy sources, as well as having them draw out ideas that they believed could be a viable option for alternative energy. We discussed solar panels, taught them about HVAC chiller systems, and SageGlass windows; all elements that we are incorporating into our new office building's structure.

We appreciate being able to make an impact, big or small, in yet another community!

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